Heredis for iPhone and iPadYour FREE application,
Heredis for iPhone and iPad.

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You asked us for this. We have done it!
And when you have tried it, you will ask for more.

Much more than a simple Gedcom viewerMuch more than a simple Gedcom viewer.

It does much more than that!

Discover all the great features of Heredis. From adding individuals to taking direct photos, Heredis controls for duplicates as you enter your data, prints your tree and even manages the sources.
And all that just by sliding your finger.

You will make so many people jealousYou will make so many people jealous.

With synchronization.

Everything you do may be synchronized on your computer. Get your genealogy on your Mac, your PC, as well as on your iPhone and iPad. Imagine all the possibilities for exchange with other genealogists!
And this without any connecting cable!

Why you are going to love this?Why you are going to love this?

All the advantages of iOS in your Heredis.

Get everything you like about iOS: talk with Siri, take your family photos and add them directly to your genealogy. Then quickly move on to the printed version of your family tree.

Show them all what you can doShow them all what you can do.

With the Heredis tree charts.

With just a few taps of your finger, move from the visualization of your tree on the iPhone to a printed version. Economize on paper? Send your tree by email from your iPad.

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The + of iOS

All the strengths of Heredis

  • Enter your data, even on so small a screen!

    Adapted and designed for any type of finger, you enter your genealogy in Heredis with fairy fingers.

    It’s fluid and fast.

    Functions such as automatic saving of your data, or formatting character layout, or real-time control for duplicates, will guarantee accurate entry of your data without any problem.

  • When in love, don’t count your pennies!

    Your iOS application allows you to enter any amount of data you want: files, individuals, number of generations, sources by events, notes, media…

    Your data entry has no limits.

    Your iOS application will manage all your files, all your media. No restriction to the size of your file.

    Take your genealogy file with you at any time without any constraint!

  • Your genealogy just as you want it!

    Choose between basic mode which displays the sections that you have already filled in or comprehensive mode which displays the incomplete sections so that you know where you are!

    Personal numbering or Ahnentafel? It is up to you to use the one that suits you best.

    Practical to have the choice.

  • Enter your data, even on so small a screen!
  • When in love, don't count your pennies!
  • Your genealogy just as you want it!
Made in Heredis
Eye catching tree chart
Amazing illustrations


  • Available on all devices!

    Synchronizing with Heredis allows you to have exactly the same information in more than one place. Synchronization is not limited to two devices: a PC or a Mac but also with your iPhone or your iPad.

    Your Heredis file is compatible with all recent versions of Heredis.

    At any moment, a modification may be made on any of the devices.

    You are up to date on all your devices!

  • Safeguard your data with ease.

    You are never fully protected from a computer crash.

    With synchronization, you always have an up-to-date copy of your file in all the different places!

    Your whole file, including the media, is transferred to all your devices.

    Add any data on your Mac and in a click, it is synchronized on your iPhone. Do it also on your PC at the country house or on your iPad. Easy.

    Never more sure!

  • Exchange with all your friends!

    You cannot imagine all the possibilities open to you.

    Exchange your data easily with other genealogists: send a family branch to your cousin who has a Mac, recover the file of your friend who has an iPhone, synchronize your work on your family computer with your mobile.

    Heredis for iOS can also be used independently because you can import and export Gedcom files.

    Your genealogy is indeed universal!

  • Available on all devices!
  • Safeguard your data with ease.
  • Exchange with all your friends!
Synchronization Heredis


Management of dates

Configuration required, Heredis for iOS:

  • Minimum version 5.